>K.I.S.S. – Rule of Thumb #2

>Rule #2 of user-centric EA is Keep It Simple, Smart (Person).

Executives and decision-makers are busy people and do not often have the time or patience to decipher what you are trying to say. That is why we need to keep things straightforward and focused!

For example, in my agency, we have our Business Profile, which identifies our major functions. It is categorized into three, simple, color-coded functional areas (core mission, mission support, and business support).
  • Under Core Mission, we have the mission programs of the agency (such as Search and Rescue, and Defense Readiness).
  • Under Mission Support, we have the functions that directly enable the performance of core mission, such as logistics management, command control and communications, and training.
  • Under Business Support, we have the back-office functions, such as finance, HR, legal, public affairs, etc.
We use this simple graphic as a starting point for understanding what we do, who we are, and what our organizational identity is.

I have presented this to senior executives in the agency and have received kudos for taking the functions of a large, multi-mission maritime organization and making it simple for anyone to understand.

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