>EA and Principles of Communication & Design

>User-centric EA is about providing decision makers with not only the relevant information they need (i.e. current, accurate, and complete), but also serving it up in an easy to understand and readily accessible format.

To accomplish this, user-centric EA provides clear principles of communication and design. These include the following:

  • Focus on enhancing decision making
  • Develop useful and usable information products and governance services
  • Simplify complex information
  • Classify information into consumable chunks
  • Unify information by consolidating it and creating a common look and feel
  • Maximize use of information visualization (visuals, graphics, charts, and so on)
  • Provide accessibility through multiple robust delivery mechanisms (so users have the information when and where they need it)
  • Distinguish Enterprise from Segment and Solutions Architecture (to be discussed in a future blog)

By articulating and adhering to these EA principles of communication and design, you will greatly further your ability to deliver on the promise of user-centric EA.

Do you use similar principles of communication and design in building your EA?

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