>Organizational Hubris and Enterprise Architecture

>Organizational arrogance is the anathema of user-centric EA.

In Fortune Magazine, 20 August, 2007, in the article “Don’t be Arrogant”, it states “when a company attains extreme market domination, hubris and a sense of infallibility can’t be far behind.”

When an organization (like an individual) is riding high on its fortunes, it forgets that it is not infallible and that we are all vulnerable — whether we know it or not.

Many individuals, organizations, and empires have seen themselves propelled from rags to riches, and then back again. Anyone planning on buying a GM car or seen a Roman legionnaire lately?

Judaism has a really neat view on this, called the “gilgal ha’chozer” which is the cycle of life. In this cycle, anyone can be elevated or lowered in life depending on their deeds (good and bad). Similarly, the Buddhist depict this concept in “the wheel of life”, where lives and fortunes rotate from happiness to despair and back.

User-centric Enterprise Architecture recognizes that organizational hubris is an organization’s eventual downfall. EA’s mandate is to look beyond today, see the potential hazards and changing conditions, and adjust accordingly. Every organization is vulnerable whether to changing market conditions, competitions, or new and unfolding mandates. User-centric EA provides a way for us to recognize changing conditions, plan accordingly, and plot a new course.

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