>Enterprise Architecture Filters the Technology Landscape

>User centric EA helps to filter out those technologies that seem “new and cool”, but are often really quite useless to the enterprise.

In the Wall Street Journal, 17 August 2007, it is reported that of the more than 442,000 new patent applications filed in the U.S. last year, few of them qualify as a success (i.e. those that sell 100,000 units or more).

The fact that few new innovations are actually successful is one reason that EA must filter out the ‘good’ ones from the ‘bad’ ones.

Any modern day organization can be easily inundated with evaluating the fast and constantly changing technology landscape (especially one where innovations number in the hundreds of thousands annually). It is the role of EA to help manage the governance process for approving new IT systems, products, and standards, and for developing the target and transition plan to phase in organizational change in a structured and deliberate manner.

Of course, the organization cannot afford to purchase, incorporate, and maintain every new technology “toy” that its employees identify in either IT magazines or trade shows or from vendors making cold calls. Rather, new technology investments need to be closely aligned with the mission, and be prioritized for best value results.

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