>User-Centric EA Framework


User-centric EA guides all facets of the enterprise architecture. It starts from the capture of the information, which is based on a strict value proposition of improving IT planning and governance, and moves forward to a process that is collaborative and structured, to one that provides users with information views that are facilitated by principles of communication and design. The User-centric EA further affects how we manage the architecture, using metrics, configuration management, and a single information repository. It also affects how we enforce the architecture through policy and governance.

2 responses to “>User-Centric EA Framework

  1. >The last bullet under Manage – "single EA repository" is a bit of a throwback to pre-SOA days – perhaps the better phrase would be: "authoritative EA information registry" – meaning, of course a single, governed (authoritative, but not necessarily validated) source of record (physical OR virtual) for metadata that describes (both in terms of records management, classification and service-oriented access agreements) all information (not just data) in all formats (docs, models, schemas) about EA.

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