>"Your Brain On Google"


Amazing video called “Digital Nation.”
Some great points from the interviewees at MIT, Stanford, and more:
“We are immersed in technology all the time.”
– “Technology is like oxygen.”
– “Well over half our lives exist in the digital world now.”
– “We are constantly multi-tasking and distracted.”
– “The world has sped up.”
“We just want to push the pause button.”
– “The Internet has changed from things one does to how one lives.”
– “We are changing what it means to be human.”

– “We are rewriting the rules of interaction for human beings.”

– “Can we solve the alienation that technology has created with more technology?
– “Does increasing use of technology have diminishing returns at some points?”
These questions and thoughts really resonate with me.
Looking back in my own life, things seemed so much simpler 10, 20, and 30 years ago.
Then we were less connected online and maybe a lot stupider intellectually, but more connected in real ways–doing real things with family, friends, and community.
Life is certainly faster now, but are we happier as human beings?
Are we losing ourselves and becoming part of the vast interconnected cyberspace almost as half-humans and half-machines ourselves?

One response to “>"Your Brain On Google"

  1. >Afraid that at the subconscious level we have become automatons. If one can feel happy at the bulging bank balance alone then we can say technology has brought happiness. But it will certainly prove wrong eventually and frustration may set in at the most difficult period-old age.A high level of discrimination and circumspection are the need of the hour. One way: Do not touch these gadgets for 15 days running in a year.

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