>The Twitter Miracle



Twitter is a crazy thing–little blue birdie…tweet, tweet, tweet.

Why do we even do it (tweet)?

Here are the “4 Stages of Getting Twitter” (Credit: Andfaraway):
  • Stage 1–It starts with utmost skepticism and even denigrating the tool (e.g. it’s stupid, dumb, a time-waster…)
  • Stage 2–Then it moves to well why don’t I just try it and see what all the commotion is all about–maybe I’ll like it?
  • Stage 3–As the interaction with others (RT’s, @’s and messages) start to flow, you have the ah ha moment–I can communicate with just about anyone, globally!
  • Stage 4–I like this (can anyone say addiction!). I can share, collaborate, influence–way beyond my traditional boundaries. This is amazing–this is almost miraculous.
Here are some other things I like about Twitter:

1) Like a journal, it’s a way to capture your thoughts, experiences, feelings, likes/dislikes. (One thing I don’t like about Twitter is there is no good way that I know of to archive or print them–I hope they fix this, please).

2) Another thing about Twitter (and Blogger and Wikipedia for that matter)…I imagine sometimes that this is an incredible social time capsule (i.e. knowledge repository) that we are putting together (almost unknowingly) that will carry humankind forward past any future natural or man-made disasters. Years ago, people would bury a few mementos in a treasure chest or something, as a time capsule, and what a find this would be for people years later when they would open it up and learn firsthand what life was like “those days.” Now, imagine the treasure trove of the exabytes of information contributed to by hundreds of millions people from around the world. What is also fascinating to me is that people contribute enormous amounts of their time and energy and all for free–hey, this is even less than what Amazon’s Mechanical Turks could do this for! 🙂

Clearly, people want to express themselves and connect with others–and social media gives ever new meaning to this beyond physical space and time.

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