>Life Building 101



The Guardian U.K. (2 April, 2011) has this wonderfully inspiring story about a very special body builder.

Dr. Charles Eugster is a dentist and athlete extraordinaire–you see Eugster is 91 years old.

And he says that At 85 I had a crisis. I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw an old man. I was overweight, my posture was terrible and there was skin hanging off me. I looked like a wreck.”

Now, he is doing dips, crunches, chin-ups, and push ups and scoring higher than contestants in ANY other age category.

Eugster says “I’m not chasing youthfulness, I’m chasing health.

Although he was already rowing 6 times a week when he was in his late-80s, he figured he could push himself a little harder and so he joined a body building club–OMG, this guy’s attitude is amazing!

What an inspiration…

His outlook is that “We’re told that old age is a continuous state of decline, and that we should stop working, slow down and prepare to die. I disagree…one day something will happen and that will be it. But until that day comes, I’m going to carry on working my abs!”

While none of us know when our time us up, it seems that we can choose how we approach our personal maturation–we can look at it as reaching a peak and then going over the proverbial cliff of life OR we can fight to continuously transform ourselves–for as long as we can–and to always try and be the best we can be.

Age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, or disability–none of these should inhibit us from working our hardest and going for the gold of what is meaningful in life to us.

I remember a wise saying I learned from my teachers–the competition is really not with anyone else, it is with yourself.

So to me it’s not really body building we’re talking about, but rather life building–and this is something we can all strive for.

One response to “>Life Building 101

  1. >What a great post. As a 63 y/o semi-competitive cyclist this guy gives me more motivation than ever to start the weight lifting path. Cycling has great legs and lungs, but not much else.

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