App Provides Push-Button Emergency Help


An important new free iPhone/Android App called CrimePushhit the market today.

It allows you or a loved one at the push of a button to report a crime.

Once you download the app, you can store your name, phone number, and address (so it’s there in case something G-d forbid happens).

Further, you can set the App to report crimes with your information or anonymously and with or without your GPS location.

Then you have a screen that provides you with 9 options for the various types of crime or emergency:

– Theft
– Threat
– Altercation
– Sexual Abuse
– Medical
– Accident
– Vandalism
– Drugs
– Harassment

Click on theft, as an example, the date and time are pre-populated for you, and you have a free text area to describe the incident, and the options to add a photo, video, or audio.

Then simply hit the “push” button to submit to the authorities.

My understanding is that more enhancements to the CrimePush App are in the works such as the ability to shake your phone to activate CrimePush, so the police can find you quickly through GPS.

CrimePush has the potential to help a lot of people and ultimately actually help to reduce crime by having people report instead of ignore, and provide information to the authorities faster, more accurately, and more comprehensively using the various multimedia options to capture the crime and the criminals.

(Source Photo: here)

One response to “App Provides Push-Button Emergency Help

  1. Hi, I appreciate the blog and find it interesting.

    While it is a good idea. I don’t see how it is “new” or important. There are a few apps out there to report things used by many departments for well over a year. TipSubmit and MyPD are 2 on my phone that come to mind and actually in use and I have used.

    I downloaded the app and this don’t have one department yet.

    I can understand the concept however it will be a huge liability for the company and departments. What if a server is down, or the email system it uses, how is dispatch monitoring this? Using GPS the closest department could be the town over and not in that jurisdiction and have no power there. I have read a few news articles about this after seeing this one and it seems that the company is using the media to drum up support for something that has not one customer.

    Seems a little reckless to me for this company and app to make these claims, tips and messages I can see. Actual live crime reports, no way…..

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