Raising The Bar On Cybersecurity

Good video by the The Washington Post (2 June 2012) on the importance and challenges of cybersecurity.

There are 12 billion devices on the Internet today and this is projected to soar to 50 billion in the next decade.

Cybersecurity is paramount to protecting the vast amounts of critical infrastructure connected to the Internet.

There is a lot riding over the Internet–power, transportation, finance, commerce, defense, and more–and the vulnerabilities inherent in this is huge!

Some notable quotes from the video:

– “Spying, intrusions, and attacks on government and corporate networks occur every hour of every day.”

– “Some sort of cyberwar is generally considered an inevitability.”

– “Cyberwar although a scary terms–I think it is as scary as it sounds.”

– “Right now the bar is so low, it doesn’t take a government, it doesn’t take organized crime to exploit this stuff–that’s what’s dangerous!”

We all have to do our part to raise the bar on cybersecurity–and let’s do it–now, now, now.

(Source Photo: here with attribution to University of Maryland Press Releases)

One response to “Raising The Bar On Cybersecurity

  1. Very much the interesting article. Ciberbezpeca in our time at a high level to that not so it is simple to steal something. But as all know, at every organization there is the weak point, therefore by safety it is needed to get busy at all level of this organization and not only on high.

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