The Tiger Woods of Ping Pong

This 9-year old kid–Tom Spicer–from Australia is quite simply amazing.Hard to believe this is real–but I understand that it is!This kid throws a ping ball every which way into a tiny cup.

Straight shot, with a bounce and even 4, off the wall, rolling off a roof, behind his back and around the corner, out of a window, a backflip while laying down, with a flick of a skateboard, with the cup in motion, even while bouncing on a trampoline.

This kid is an inspiration with just a ball and cup, a million and one shots, and a big smile.

Tom has been practicing for 5 1/2 years.

Amazing discipline and creativity–seems right for America’s Got Talent.

Imagine what we can do if we set our mind to accomplishing great things too.

Everyone can score! 😉

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