What Happened To My Shoes?

So yesterday, I was on one of the hikes of my life.

After a certain period of time, I said that we had had better head back, leaving ourselves enough energy to make the return trek.

But after a number of times at this mountain, my daughter was determined to make it to the major overlook and do “the full circuit.”

I was so impressed with her determination and enthusiasm that I too caught “the bug” to just do it!

So we went and went–marker after marker–laughing, sort of, about how far we were really going–and would have to return.

But the weather was good–it had cooled off–and we felt that we could get there, and back, with some pushing.

At one point, we hit the summit, and put our rock on the tall pile with the others left by those before us, and we went on to make it to the overlook.

We took some pictures and sat down on the rocks to take it all in–it was magnificent.

Then I casually look down at my hiking shoes, and notice something–the rubber soles had actually come loose from the rest of the shoe–on both feet.

My first thought–great products, not! from this company–darn it. 😦

My second thought–%^(*#$ how am I going to get back in broken shoes?

Making a long story short, the shoes were wobbling over the rocks, tree trunks, and terrain–and I prayed that I did fall or end up getting stuck barefoot in the hills.

G-d was good to me and we made it back and I headed straight to the hiking store to get my money back for the shoes–I literally took them off at the counter and handed them in tatters to the customer service rep.

Now without shoes in the store, I walked around in socks to the shoe section and picked out a new pair–yay!

Some lessons:

– Enthusiasm is catchy and can spark you to do things you wouldn’t normally think you could achieve.

– Never say never–who would think your hiking shoes would literally fall apart in the middle of a hike, but they can and did!

– Always be prepared–mentally and physically–for all sorts of eventualities; life doesn’t just go the way we expect or want.

– Thank G-d for a happy ending–because it could easily go the other way.

– And finally don’t buy brand X for your hiking shoes–they really stink! 😉

(Source Photo: Rebecca Blumenthal)

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