Go 2 Shul

Go 2 Shul

My wonderful dad is very religious and enjoys going to shul (i.e. synagogue) every day–multiple times a day.

I love him for who he is and respect his deep religious beliefs and devotion to G-d–my dad truly serves and walks with Hashem.

And I hope and pray that my Dad has many more happy and healthy years to go to synagogue–“Until 120 years,” G-d bless!

Often, Dad reminds me how important it is to attend services, especially since I am a more private person who would rather connect with G-d on a more personal level.

To each his own and live and let live.

My wife saw this license plate today and my daughter took a photo of it.

Apparently, this is someone else who either wants to go 2 shul or wants others to go as well.

I’m not sure, but it even looks like they wrote or carved the word “synagogue” on the bumper of their car as well.

Anyway as long as everyone drives safely, it is great to find innovative ways to get the message out there. 😉

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