Pain Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away

Pain Pain Go Away, Don’t Come Back Another Day.

I saw this ad about controlling back pain.

The wincing face on the back was very effective.

Given that back pain is so common, I am sure many people can empathize with this.

For almost a year, I have been suffering with some arthritic pain although not back-related that has been horrible.

I never realized what this even was!

I’m at the point, where I feel surgery, with G-d’s help, is the only answer.

Of course, I am not keen to have surgery and keep thinking how I may be able to put it off.

And then the inflammation flare-up and pain comes back and I rethink this again that I have to go forward and just take care of this.

I feel that I am too young for these problems, but life does not ask when or what.

Certainly, I am thankful it is nothing worse–and there are so many things worse.

And I appreciate that there are modern treatments these days that probably didn’t really exist just 20-years ago.

Not sure exactly, what people did “in the olden days” when they had these things and just had to live (or die) with them.

I just want to be pain free and completely healthy again, so I can fully enjoy all the things that I always did.

Please G-d.

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

2 responses to “Pain Pain Go Away

  1. Hi Andy, I know about back pain enduring it for years. Amazingly, it took cancer and the removal of large sections of colon to remove the source of back pain–a pinched nerve! We got all the cancer and no more back pain! G-D works in mysterious ways… I also want to Thank you Andy for inspiring me to blog.I started a wordpress Blog to begin my campaign of getting my grandson David’s information, picture, story and Cause or Community seen by as many people as I can.Our goal is still LA 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games.
    Contact Form URL:
    Comment: Unexpected Blessings is about my grandson David who was born with Down Syndrome. Children have always had a special place in my heart. It was only natural to make up stories for Ashley and let my grandchildren grow up in my imagination. Five months before we lost David, Douglas, his newborn brother left us as soon as he was born. The stories are in honor and memory of their lives and are about right, wrong, adventure, laughter and good moral values. Big sister Ashley is the heroine…I will pray for you to get better! I do read your blogs. I am recuperating from emergency surgery…more complications.
    Your friend Robin

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