Love, Strength

Love, Strength

This has been an enormously tough year with the loss of my mom, my dad going into assisted living, and my hip replacement and complications.

I have found myself torn from my normal routine–my structure, my discipline–and thrown instead into a world of unknowns, hopes, and definitely prayers.

Throughout, my family and close friends have stood by me–as I gave the eulogy for mom, as I moved my father out of his loving home, and as I growled in pain with the osteoarthritis and then joint replacement.

When my daughter took my hand telling me all be well, when my youngest drove me to the doctors and PT, and when my wife fought for my care–I feel eternally grateful to have these people in my life.

With all the technology in the world, there is nothing like a human being to reach out and grab a hold off.

One of my colleagues asked me what I have learned from all of this, and I’d say three things:

– Take time to reflect on the direction of your life and work to make the tough changes while you’re able.
Empathize with the plight of others, be merciful and compassionate, and help where you see the slightest opportunity.
– Be sincerely grateful for everything you have and remember who is the Master of all. 😉

(Source Photo: Michelle Blumenthal)

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