Good Spreads Good

good Samaritan
This was a nice note to see this morning at the parking garage. 

“To the good samaritan who picked up an Amex card on 11/3: Thank you! You are awesome.”

Look at how good deeds work and spread:

Someone lost their Amex credit card.

Another found it and went out of their way to take the time to safeguard it and turn it in.

The person who lost it then got to recognize the kind act and in turn make the effort to write this nice thank you note and post it. 

Other people passing this by get to see this and learn from it, and hopefully do similar nice things when they are presented the opportunity.

Do you look the other way and run off to do just your own (selfish) things or do you take the time to help others when they are in need?  

The answer may not be obvious to everyone or all the time, but we can all learn and grow. 😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

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