Lipstick On A Dog

Interesting business card for Dog Walkers. 

Not sure what they mean by:

Not just a lipstick visit

I’ve heard of lipstick on a pig, but never on a dog! 

Playing dress up with a dog? 

As they say, only in America. 😉

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

DC Still Has Its Mojo

Even during the government shutdown, some people are happily strutting their stuff in DC.

This guy on the Metro had his earbuds on and was dancing up a storm.

I asked if I could take a short video–he was like “cool!”

Should’ve taken it landscape, but nevertheless….

He’s pretty wild and entertaining.

At one point, he dances up to the camera and gives me his business card.

However, due to the “spicy” nature of the lyrics on his site, a link is not provided.

Hey, this is a professional and family-friendly blog. 😉

(Source Video: Andy Blumenthal)