The Painter

I love this picture of a painter that I took in Florida. 

Each of the circles on the tree are part of his color palette. 

He is standing on a ladder leaning against the tree, and reaching for the red paint. 

It is so cool that the painter is part of the painting that he is making. 

The integration of the person with his creative work–he is one with it!

I can practically feel the love of this person for what they do.

And IMHO, they are very good at it. 😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

Flowers and Bee


Today, I took this picture near the office of these beautiful flowers with a bee hovering right to the upper right.

The bee looks like it is getting ready for a serious feeding–it’s feet are stretched out ready for landing.

When I took the photo from pretty close, I wasn’t really concerned (maybe naively) about getting bitten, because I figured those flowers are a lot better looking than I am to that bee.  😉

G-d has made such awesome creations all around us.

It is miraculous discovering them every day.

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)