Money, Just Eat It


This was a strange mural on Collins Avenue in Miami.

The mural was on what looked like a three story building.

Sandwiched between upscale stores for Kenneth Cole and Aldo–with for sale signs in the window.

The mural has these two guys who are literally holding, throwing, and eating money and luxury items like a fancy car.

The car in the middle of the street is in the process of a U-turn and seems to almost be driving right for the mural.

What’s really crazy in the Miami is the contrast of people on the very wealthy and very poor ends of the spectrum.

Lamborghinis with party-goers speeding down the street and homeless people camped out begging for some change.

While one is proverbially “eating and crapping money,” the other is simply looking for something to eat.

This mural sort of tells the story of this great Floridian city.

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)