You Are What You Eat–Check It Out


So I went to get my flu shot this week and I ended up getting an education.

Sitting on the table in the health unit was this Fat Facts by Health Edco.

It compares the calories, fat content, and cholesterol of your “favorite foods.”

From grilled chicken sandwiches to tacos, hot dogs, french fries, breakfast burritos, and the double cheeseburger–look at that last one, makes me glad it’s not Kosher. 😉

You can visibly see the “thick and slow moving” saturated fat at the bottom (ugh!) and the clearer, cleaner, unsaturated fat above it.

The volumes of this stuff that people are putting in their bodies and blood is mind-boggling when you see it like this–up close and personal.

Makes you think twice about what you eat–or it should.

Have a happy weekend–eat healthy!

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)