Turducken Is Real

So I thought Turducken was a joke (a fowl i.e. foul dish).

Everyone has real turkey on Thanksgiving, right–even if they don’t like it!

Well maybe you get a pass if your vegetarian, vegan, or whatnot. 

But no, here a genuine advertisement at a lcoal eatery for–you got it–turducken.

Turkey, Duck, and Chicken–combined!

$130 bucks feeds 12…on second thought, I rather not. 😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

Our Lovely Metro System

Ok, so grossed out the last few days on the Washington, D.C. Metro system.


This (see above) is what I was sitting next to this morning on the train.


And last night was even worse, I was about to sit on one of the seats, and this nice man stopped me.


Someone had actually spit on the seat–and just left it there for another unknowing person to sit in.


Thankfully, I was saved this indignity, and ended up sitting somewhere else.


But later on the train, I saw someone jump up and start cursing–apparently, he had sat right in it.


I saw another guy offer him a handkerchief, which was quite a nice gesture, considering.


At the same time, I saw a lady on the train wearing one of those surgical masks that cover your mouth and nose–maybe not the worst idea under these ill conditions. 😉


(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

I Like To Be Clean!

I Like To Be Clean!

This was funny but in a gross type of way.

Bathroom doorknobs are notorious for being germy.

In this case, there was a little bit of tissue paper that someone left on the knob–I know ick!

Apparently someone got fed up with the grossness of this, so they put up a sign–it says:

“I have been here for two weeks. Can you clean me? It like to be clean!”

But that’s not all.

A day later, the note was gone, but that little piece of grossness was still there.

Howie Mandel, please help us! 😉