>24 Hour Knowledge Factories and Enterprise Architecture

>Enterprise Architecture is strategic information asset base that defines the business, information necessary to operate the business, technologies necessary to support the business operations, and transitional processes for implementing new technologies in response to the changing needs of business.”

In the information economy we live in today, information is certainly an asset with expected returns for the numerous businesses in the services sector and the millions of people working as knowledge workers.

The Wall Street Journal in conjunction with MIT Sloan School of Management on 15 September 2007 reports that “today, we are witnessing the advent of the 24-hour knowledge factories…thanks to more robust information technology and a growing acceptance of offshoring, the concept is feasible.”The key to the organization being able to support 24 hour (round the clock) knowledge work is to have “an online repository of information accessible to all groups.”

What makes for a successful knowledge repository for sharing information between sites and teams?

  • Acquisition— capturing all relevant knowledge that can support users knowledge work.
  • Discovery—making data discoverable so it can be mined for those nuggets that can aid in job performance.
  • Management—developing data standards including a common lexicon and metadata to deal with differences in semantics and formats.
  • Dissemination—making the information accessible for standardized reporting or ad-hoc queries.

In User-centric EA, we are in the information business (providing information for planning and governance). And whether or not the information is needed 24.7, or during “regular” business hours, we need to develop information products, relate the data in useful ways, and make the information easy to understand and readily accessible to end-users. To do this, a robust EA knowledge center or repository is essential.