What is The Secret of Laserman


This is a terrific performance by Laserman. 

He seems to break all the laws of physics and manipulates laser light beams as if it is both a vapor and a solid. 

He stops and redirects it, yet at the same time he pushes and twirls it–huh? 

While I am not a fan of the movie Tron–I think I actually fell asleep in the theater (and more than once), this performance more than makes up for it. 

My favorite piece is at 1:39 when Laserman picks the laser light up out of the stage–people start yelling as no one can believe it!–and he starts twirling it around like a baton now. 

Then at 1:48, he breaks the light beam in two and starts twirling both and sticking them back in the stage only to start bending the light again. 

To me, this performance is really cool and inspiring–it  makes me think of a bright future for all of us–one that is agile, high-tech, heart-pounding, and where natural laws are almost made to be broken. 

Someone please tell me how he does this…I promise, I won’t tell 😉




This is amazing (watch the whole thing)!

Meet the latest and greatest military humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics–Atlas (aka PETMAN).

(Boston Dynamics is the same company that makes BigDog, the 4 legged, ground transport robot, that looks like a mule–called the Legged Squad Support System, LS3)

Watch the movement of the Atlas robot–it is JUST like a person: heel to toe walking.

See what happens when you push it–Atlas reacts/recovers like a human would.

The built up version has hands that help it balance and squeeze through tight spaces.

BusinessWeek (March 7-13, 2011) explains that this robot will be used initially for surveillance and emergency rescue missions.
I’m thinking Atlas should be pronounced like “at last” to recognize the amazing leap forward in robotics.

This is great stuff–and it demonstrates our growing understanding of not only computers and robotics, but also of the physical and behavioral sciences.