Anyone Have A Question About This Car?

Yeah, all I can say…

Anyone have a question about this car?

I am pretty sure this car is owned by Matthew Lesko, “The Question Mark Guy.”

Lesko was in a number of commercials and infomercials about asking him how to get free information and grant money from the government. 

He dresses and drives in question marks, and I’ve seen him a number of times around town. Frankly, it’s sort of hard to miss this guy!

His self promotion sort of makes you wonder, if you had to choose just one symbol to wear everywhere to represent you to the world–it could be a punctuation mark or anything else–what would that look like?  😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

Exclamation, No Point

Thought this guy had a really interesting shirt…

Just an exclamation mark (nothing else)!
But what’s the point of the exclamation mark?
An exclamation mark denotes emphasis–but on what is the emphasis here–is it just on him as a person?
I like the shirt…it says I feel strongly…I am human, and things have meaning to me.
I guess if you want to know the details about what he feels strongly about, you’d have to get to know him better or ask.
Maybe that’s the point, the exclamation is that I am worth getting to know…my life has emphasis and meaning…just check me out. 😉
(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)