New York Deli Bread

No it’s not my diet, just my impromptu spoofing of a song by Awkwafina.

We took a hike to the local Kosher deli and it just sort of happened.

Enjoying a beautiful, sunny Spring day and got a little inspired to try my hand at something new and fun. 😉

Holocaust, Still a Nightmare In Our Souls

This is an amazing video of the horrors of the Holocaust expressed through modern-day Israeli Rap music and ballet interpretation.The video is to the violin accompaniment of a broken and wrenching tune of Adon Olam–a prayer in which we recognize the almighty–“When all shall end, He alone, shall reign supreme–He was. He is. He shall be. In glory.”The main part of the video starts at 0:45.The singer asks: “Why exterminate childrens’ dreams, adults’ memories?”

As he raps, we shall not forget–“A big scream…It is stuck inside me. Six million! burned in my memory.”

Again asked: “Who has the right to extinguish a culture?”

With Iran–the free world is threatened again.

Now we must “not to be afraid, to stand up!”

And “to live in dignity and to die in dignity.”

May G-d remember the souls of those murdered for merit and have mercy on mankind.

The children of David be strong–“The path to heaven is ‘survival.'”

“Dust to dust, our souls go to heaven.”