Reaping What You Sow: Adam and Adamah

Please see my new article in The Times of Israel, Sukkot: A Time of Man and Earth

“In celebrating Sukkot, we compare Adam and Adamah. Just like a man is dependent on seeding his teachings and good deeds which then leads to reaping his personal life harvest, so too the earth is dependent on seeding and watering which leads to harvesting its produce.”

Hope you enjoy and Chag Sameach.  😉

(Inspired by a movie of a farmer in Bishvil-Haivrit)

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal) 

Awesome Northeast Fall Season


Just wanted to share this awesome photo that my beautiful daughter, Michelle, took this last week. 

I love how it vividly captures the Fall colors, the falling leaves, and the changing seasons. 

The bridge seems to magically span the lush green before with the orange and tan hues of the after all under a clear light blue sky. 

The scene definitely looks like a cozy and happy time and place I want to be in. 😉

(Source Photo: Michelle Blumenthal)

G-d Gave Us So Many Gifts

Today, I just wanted to share the words of this beautiful Israeli song that a friend shared with me in Synagogue. 

It is called (in Hebrew) “Elohin Natan Lecha Bematana,”which means G-d gave you as a present.

It’s about everything wonderful that G-d has given us, and we just ask for one more gift…peace. 

Hope you enjoy (it brought tears to my eyes)! 



God gave you as a gift

Something great, something wonderful

God gave you as a gift

The life on earth

Gave you the night and the day

Love, hope and dream

Summer, winter, autumn, spring

Good soul to look around

Gave you green fields

Flowers and blooming trees

Rivers, streams and seas

Sky, moon, stars


Gave you feasts and Sabbaths

Israel, the fathers’ land

Hands and head to fulfill dreams

Gave you all the wonders

Gave you such nice things

To bring kids to this world

Listen to songs, see colors

Oh, so many are your deeds, God


God, oh, please give me just one more gift

A small gift but a wonderful one

God, please give me just one more gift

The peace on earth