Nation’s Homeless Capital

Nation's HOmeless Capital

I took this photo yesterday of a homeless person completey huddled under a makeshift blanket “shelter”and tucked into a corner on the freezing streets of Washington. D.C.

The person is in front of Starbucks, and they seem to have been provided some hot coffee to help– a nice thing by the coffee chain.

It has been particularly freezing this last week and seeing the number of homeless people suffering is unbelievable.

Just being out for a few minutes bundled up in layers, I was still cold, so I can hardly imagine what it is like to be out on the streets, living like this for prolonged, indefinite, periods of time.

When you see others’ suffering in such a pronounced way, it is hard to take life’s often silly daily problems as seriously, and we shouldn’t.

When I juxatopse this scene, multipled thousands or perhaps millions of times over across the nation, it is also hard to understand a nation such as ours with $17.2 trillion dollars in debt.

Where the heck did all that money go?

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)