The Covid-19 Graph — No One Wants To Confront

This is the Coronavirus chart that I don’t think anyone wants us to confront. 

Rather than the typical chart we are shown with one high and then it tapers off and all is well…

There could be scenarios where there are multiple curves and peaks. 

For example, if we send people back out to (work, school, etc.) and stop the social distancing too early–while there are still Coronavirus carriers around us and we don’t have an effective vaccine–then the contagion can start all over again. 

Further, even with a vaccine, if the virus mutates (and could become more virulent) then this infection can go on spreading and killing with multiple peaks. 

In short, this is the chart that speaks to cases where businesses are closed and people out of work much longer than expected, and where the recession takes hold and does some potentially real and lasting damage above and beyond what’s perhaps already priced in. 

Again, let’s hope and pray that we don’t stop the social distancing prematurely and that our doctors and scientists get the vaccine for us sooner rather than later. 

(Source Graphic: Andy Blumenthal)

Fun Summer Fashion

Summer Dress
Sharing this “fashion” photo that I took in Washington, D.C. this week. 

This Summer dress is colorful, happy, and cool. 

It makes a bold statement with an almost tie-dye like design and flowing colors almost wrapping the woman in the brilliant spiraling motif. 

While it is casual, it is also relatively modest through it floor length.

In a fairly busy city, this dress was a stand out and IMHO was a Summer fashion yes. 😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

Will You Take The Next Exit Or Not?

Will You Take The Next Exit Or Not?

I’m not really into the psychic stuff.

First, I learned in Yeshiva that we are not supposed to divine the future.

Second, I don’t think we’re supposed to know what we’re not supposed to know–it take the edge of the challenge in life (almost like trying to gain an unfair advantage in going through life’s ups and downs, which is how we learn and grow).

Third, I think there are a lot of charlatans out there (not everyone, but a lot).

But one idea recently, from Sylvia Brown, has got me thinking.

The idea is that we each have Exit Points in our lives–“precise times and ways when we’ll leave here and go Home again.”

Brown says we each have 5 of these exits planned in our lives–“and we can use any one of the five we want, as we go along, depending on whether or not we feel we’ve accomplished enough of what we wanted from this lifetime to begin with.”

Thinking back to my own life, I can clearly see times when it seemed like my number was up.

Each occurrence was dramatic and looking back now, sort of surreal.

During these exit points, I know that I was just inches from death and that G-d brought me back.

This is where I differ from Brown, I don’t think it was my choice to live or die, but I think it was a time of judgement, when G-d decided whether to let me live on (although, perhaps, I had some input as far as G-d is concerned).

The exit points are not escape hatches like from the Matrix, where we can choose to stop or “exit program,” but rather times in our lives when we are given the opportunity to go on or not.

Also, I think the decision of whether we stay or go is based in part on whether we’ve accomplished our mission, but also on those around us who will be impacted–that’s why it takes G-d to figure out all the combinations and permutations to make the call.

Bad things happen and people die suddenly and violently or even excruciatingly slow and painful deaths–and in other cases people survive to die another day–we really don’t know what is going to happen.

Part of not knowing tests us–sometimes to our limits and perhaps for some even beyond (although I was taught in Yeshiva that G-d never gives us more than we can handle).

We live, we die, and perhaps we live again i.e. through reincarnation–a mechanism of ultimate justice and learning.

Will G-d permit us to continue as ourselves in this go around, to come back as another in a future spiral, or is it really “game over”?

I thank G-d for letting me live to continue my journey–I still have so much to learn here and now–what the future brings, only the merciful Almighty knows. 😉

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)