>Apple: #1 Super Bowl Commercial Of All Time


Rated the #1 Super Bowl Commercial of all time, this advertisement was used by Apple to introduce its Macintosh computer in 1984 during Super Bowl XVIII.
Apple showed the world their understanding that:
The “drone” nature of how we did business–“just follow the leader”–was not going to make us great.
The other “blah”–not user-centric–technology offered by the “Big Brother(s)” of the time was seducing the masses into a blind morass–a kind of an enslavement of our productive energies.
Apple was not, and is not afraid, to come out and break the paradigm and that what makes them a great company.
Innovate, innovate, innovate for a better future for mankind.
In life, there is always choice between what is and what could be and that ‘s what drives our competitive juices.