Here’s To Tomorrow


I was trying to get this photo of the beautiful sunset.

Instead, I ended up getting this wierd juxtaposition with this guy on the train.

And he is is looking like it’s been kind of a rough day.

Election is almost over…who won?

The sun will rise tomorrow and people will be looking more settled knowing the indecision and waiting–and election commercials–are over.

Here is to tomorrow. 😉



This picture said it all this Monday morning.  

At this time of year, it’s pretty dark out in the morning, and many people may feel a little sluggish getting up after the weekend.But these people seemed literally passed out at this cafeteria. The one guy on the left is laying on his arms with his bag kind of free floating next to him, and the gal on the right is apparently face down on the table.It reminded me of this funny poster I used to see at the local candy store as a kid, where a toddler in his high chair was face down in a bowl of spaghetti. 

Even without the tomatoey pasta, this was not much better. 😉

Looking at them, I could practically feel their pain…yawwwwnn.

Hey, maybe we could all use a little more shut-eye and a little less on “The Walking Dead” episodes–but it was great again last night. 

(Source photo: Andy Blumenthal)