The Not Useless Machine–You!

This machine is hilarious. It is called the “useless machine,” well…because it is utterly useless.

When you push the switch to turn it on, it does only one thing–a lever comes out and hits the switch in the other direction to turn itself off and the lever retracts.

There is another version of this with eight switches (here), called the “advanced useless machine,” and it will turn all switches backed off–however many of the eight are turned on.

Why do we create such mind-numbing inventions?


– We can.

– It’s funny.

– It goes viral.

On some deeper level, I think we can connect to this idea of uselessness in parts of our mundane life–where we get into a habit, and basically do the same thing day after day–until we ask ourselves, where is the meaning of it all? Is our existence really important? Will anyone ever really care that we were even on this planet (for whatever period of life G-d grants us)?

Like this box, there are people and times when they just wish they could turn themselves off–some attempt it!

But we have to realize that we are given a choice every day to love and care for the ones we are blessed with, to do good selfless acts of kindness, and to try to give something back to the world–however big or small–even if it’s just a useless box that makes people laugh and introspect. 😉