Remodulate The Shields For Cyber Security

I really like the concept for Cyber Security by Shape Security.

They have an appliance called a ShapeShifter that uses polymorphism to constantly change a website’s code in order to prevent scripted botnet attacks–even as the web pages themselves maintain their look and feel.

In essence they make the site a moving target, rather than a sitting duck.

This is like Star Trek’s modulating shield frequencies that would prevent enemies from obtaining the frequency of the shield emitters so they could then modify their weapons to bypass the shield and get in a deadly attack.

In real life, as hackers readily change their malware, attack vectors, and social engineering tactics, we need to be agile and adapt faster than the enemy to thwart them.

Changing defense tactics has also been used by agencies like Homeland Security to alter screening methods and throw potential terrorists off from a routine that could be more easily overcome.

I think the future of IT Security really lies in the shapeshifter strategy, where the enemy can’t easily penetrate our defenses, because we’re moving so fast that they can’t even find our vulnerabilities and design an effective attack before we change it and up our game again.

And hence, the evil Borg will be vanquished… 😉

Becoming Technological Dinosaurs?


I was most impressed at the graduation of my daughter from Tech Camp today.

She became fairly proficient with Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, and more, and built her own website with animation–it was really very cool.

Here is a photo of kids at the computers–they are showing their parents how totech.

It is truly the young teaching the old–no disrespect intended.

But the kids are amazing–they are digital natives and are learning things quickly and with ease that prior generations still must struggle with.

I jokedwith my friend who is also a CIO of another company–that we are not only “old farts,” but tech dinosaurs as well. 😉

Okay not quite–but what these kids can do is nothing short of amazing, eye-opening, and I think “we ain’t seen nothing yet!”

>Domain Names Demystified



It’s so hard to come up with just the right domain name, especially when the landscape already seems so busy.

How are you to know what’s already out there, what’s available, and what’s original? is a “brainstorming engine for finding cool names and checking domain availability.”

I tested it out and it gives you lots of useful information, including:

Interesting variations (by prepend, append, swapping, even spelling backwards, and more)

Related terms (each of which can be clicked on to continue brainstorming a name)

Translations (in over 2 dozen languages from Afrikaans to Welsh)

Alternate endings (including .net, .biz, .org, country extensions, etc.)

Inspiration from social media (such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Google–entries, terms, and mentions)

In terms of the availability of suggestions, these are indicated in a dashboard type fashion with green 🙂 or red 😦 to make it easy to see what’s what.

Finally, there is a link to Go Daddy to “buy [the Domain Name] now for $7.49 before somebody else does.”

Overall, I found Panabee to be a useful tool to come up with innovative domain names and thereby help us start up new and exciting ventures on the web.