Shabbat Shalom From Elmo!

Remember before Coronavirus when times where a little more innocent…

When we didn’t have to worry about viruses spread by eating live or wild animals or that “escape” from weapons laboratories.¬†

It’s good to be a little nostalgic.

Shabbat Shalom! ūüėČ

(Credit Graphic: Andy Blumenthal)

Build Others Up

I saw this in one of the student lounges at the local JCC.

It says:

“Don’t Cut Down Others”

It’s far better to build people up then to tear them down.¬†

Jut like with trees, it’s better to plant a trillion trees than deforest the Amazon Rainforest.¬†

Trees are life and people are life. 

Be constructive and not destructive. 

Offer a nice word or compliment; provide an attentive and empathetic ear; give direction with some advice and guidance; lend a hand to someone in need; and in general, be a good influence. 

Unfortunately, too many people default to cutting down the old cherry tree! ūüėČ

(Credit Photo: Andy Blumenthal)

This Is Our World

Change The World
This is some of the unbelievable crazy news just from today–check this out:

– Russia accuses U.S. that the rallies of masses of people seeking freedom and human rights in Hong Kong and Ukraine are really CIA plots.

Ebola enters the U.S. ten days ago by a man who arrived from known, striken Liberia.

– “The Earth lost half of its wildlife in the past four decades.”

РOklahoma man, who recently tried to convert colleagues, beheads one of them at work. 

– Man who is armed felon (with “three felony convictions for assault and battery”) gets within feet of and potentially¬†endangers¬†President on elevator within days of another man with a knife, who climbs fence, enters White House and skips about and into the East Room.

– Report that if just a “100-meter wide asteroid hit Washington, D.C….’it could wipe out everything within the Beltway.'”

So in case you didn’t have enough to worry about..this is our world and what we are doing to it. ūüėČ

(Source Photo: Andy Blumenthal)