>A Bar-Mitzvah Lesson and Enterprise Architecture

>When I was bar-mitzvah (this is the rite of passage when a Jewish Male reaches the age of 13 and accepts upon himself the laws of the Torah), my bar-mitzvah teacher taught me an important religious and life lesson. This lesson impacts everything I do including the way I carry out my professional life leading Information Technology and Enterprise Architecture.

As part of the preparation for the bar-mitzvah, a Jewish boy learns to read from Torah and prepare the section for the Shabbat reading that coincides with his 13th birthday. I had a teacher from the local synagogue that prepared me well, for over the better part of a year. At the end of the training, my teacher told me “in life, just remember, stay far from evil and do good —this is the essence of the Torah’s teaching”..

Now what does this have to do with IT and EA?

Well to me, the “final” bar-mitzvah lesson was all about a life (and work) ethic. The lesson instilled in me a direction to look at the world and recognize good from bad and to always try to do good – do my best, improve things, have an impact!

While this lesson has many ramifications in my life, from a professional perspective, I enjoy the fields of IT and EA, where I can drive technology change for the improvement of the organizations I work for. While, I’m not out there “saving lives,” I feel that I can make a difference by driving positive change using technology, structured with enterprise architecture, planning, and governance to make things better, more efficient, and improve mission execution.

It’s been quite a while since my bar-mitzvah, but the capstone lesson of “do good”, helps me be a better Enterprise Architect and drive positive and substantial change.

What life lessons drive you to be successful in EA?

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