>Psychopaths and Enterprise Architecture

>In user-centric EA we are very focused on meeting the needs and requirements of the user community. However we need to beware of the fact that some users are “psychopaths” and do not have the best interests of the organization at heart.

In the book Snakes in Suits – When Psychopaths Go To Work by Babiak & Hare the authors identify these ill-intentioned people in the organization and why the organization tolerates them or is fooled by them.

“Psychopaths manipulate the system – they are selfish care only about themselves with little regard for fairness or equity. They allow the responsibility of leadership and the perks of power to override their moral sense. Some have embraced the mantra that greed is good and that success at any cost to others is justifiable and even desirable. And at the extreme some of these people have a true personality disorder rooted in lying, manipulation, deceit, egocentricity, callousness, and other potentially destructive traits.”

As enterprise architects, we need to be continually on the lookout for what’s best for the enterprise and not get sidetracked by those with ulterior motives or personal agendas.

Have you ever experienced a situation like this?

2 responses to “>Psychopaths and Enterprise Architecture

  1. >It's hard to imagine spending any significant amount of time in corporate life without having encountered a psychopath or three. At the risk understating, it's unfortunate. In theory, the controls we create should identify their presence and dampen their impact. In practice, the controls fail miserably.

  2. >Andy,Interesting, to varying degrees all organization are all faced with managing this type of "road block" or "speed bump". A question I would volley would be; are these individuals acting in this manor that is guided by stupidity, ignorance or full disclosure and are they willingly or un-willingly being guided by manipulative controls via their reporting chain(s). I would suggest that change in attitudes or resources can aid in correcting. Just adding a perspective Cheers,-Harold

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